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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Orange County, CA

Green Star Commercial Cleaning wants commercial and Industrial building owners and managers to enjoy their carpets again. With our professional cleaning services, dirty and stained carpets and upholstery become a thing of the past. We provide steam cleaning and dry cleaning services along with a full menu of other professional cleaning services for your building or office.

Did you know that hot water cleans dishes better than cold? The same theory applies to steam cleaning carpets, where very hot water splurges into the carpet pile to effectively remove dirt and deep stains. The equipment we utilize, heats the water to a high temperature which in turns , kills bacteria and microbial pests. Strong suction extracts dirt and moisture out of the carpet, leaving carpet that dries in just a few short hours.

The dry cleaning method is used on carpets as it does not involve rinsing and the carpet remains dry and clean. This is particularly useful in commercial locations which can’t afford downtime while the carpet dries. If you want to opt for a dry cleaning method, please request it when you place your order. If you are not in a hurry, steam cleaning is a better option, though it takes a few hours for the carpet to dry.

Another cleaning method is deep cleaning which costs a little extra but can make the difference when dealing with tough stains and high traffic areas.

We have over 20 years of Commercial and Residential carpet cleaning experience! We can handle your commercial carpet cleaning needs. Inexperienced carpet cleaners can damage carpets by over-wetting, using the wrong cleaning solutions, or by simply not knowing which stain remover to use.

From tough pet stains and odors to high traffic areas and old stains, Green Star Commercial Cleaning provides quality services, with extensive knowledge of fibers, fabrics and the best non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. Your carpets will be beautifully clean and sanitized again for your building and you.

We honor our customer satisfaction guarantee because we are committed to giving you the best service possible. If the work is not done correctly, the satisfaction guarantee will allow you to have the service completed again or will allow you to get your money back. We will also respond quickly to any of your concerns, questions or requested quotes.