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Commercial and Industrial Strip and Wax Orange County, CA

A Sparkling, beautiful maintained floor creates a clean, professional work environment that adds extra elegance to your place of business or profession.

There comes a time when your floor needs some work or restoration after so much traffic and use. Fortunately we here at Green Star Commercial Services we specialize in the art of Commercial Strip and Wax.

Below we will outline some of the steps that we utilize in order to accomplish this feat.

1. First we clear the area of furniture, rugs, and all items on the floor.
2. Second, we provide the floor a good overall cleaning – we sweep all the loose debris and even mop with a wet mop in order for it to provide a better finish.

3. Third, we make sure you have a “Wet Floor” sign set up. It’s our priority to make sure everyone is safe during this process.

4. Before we start, we test the stripper in a corner or the place that’s not as visible, just in case the stripper bleeds or discolors your floor.

5. We spray the product on the perimeter of the room on the baseboards and let it sit for 10-15minutes. Then we remove the wax build-up with a swivel utility pad or a long-handled scraper.

6. Next we strip the entire floor!!!
We then let the floor stripper sit for 10-20 minutes for it to react with the wax, but we don’t let it dry.

7. After we let the floor stripper product sit, we take the electric floor scrubber and move it frequent over the floor to remove all the wax build up.

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